Team Constitution



We the members of the Sun Devils Club Baseball Team 2, and subscribing to the regulations and policies of Arizona State University, establish this constitution to govern the matters within our organization.

Article I – Name

Section 1 – The name of this organization shall be the Arizona State University Sun Devils Club Baseball Team 2. Under the organization of the NCBA, in which we are involved, we shall be known as the ASU Sun Devils Division II Club Baseball Team.

Section 2 – Our team is affiliated with the National Club Baseball Association (NCBA), in which we will compete in a NCBA sanctioned official season in the spring of each year for the chance to play in a national postseason against other NCBA teams. Our team competes in the District VIII Conference as a Division II team. Competition for our team consists of other NCBA sanctioned club baseball teams throughout the country.

Article II – Purpose

Section 1 – The purpose of this organization shall be to create a competitive baseball environment and provide an opportunity for players to play baseball at a higher level. We believe that baseball should be fun as well as competitive. This team is for those student athletes who want to feed their passion for playing baseball while pursuing their degrees at an incredible university like ASU. We will strive toward success as both athletes and individuals through hard work, respect, teamwork and dedication.

Article III – Membership

Section 1 – Clause I – Members of the Sun Devils Club Baseball Team 2 must be under the age of 25 at the start of our spring season and be enrolled in school as a full-time student (12+ credit hours).

        Clause II – Members must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA at the start of the spring season and if they drop below a 2.0, the athlete will be put on one semester of academic probation with the team, in which they must bring their GPA above 2.0 to remain on the team.

Clause III – At the beginning of the spring season, players will be required to register under the NCBA and meet all of their standards (Check NCBA Rules at

       Clause IV – Practices and games are mandatory for athletes and coaches to attend, unless spoken to and approved by a coach if absence is necessary. The members are expected to be respectful and exhibit good sportsmanship to all teams, coaches, officials, etc. Failure to do so will result in limited playing time and possible termination from the team.

       Clause V – Termination from the club will be determined by the coaches and officers of the team. In order to be terminated a player must have broken or failed to meet the rules of the constitution and/or the rules of the NCBA or the player must be showing great disrespect to team mates and other players. The termination of a disrespectful player will be at the discretion of the coaches and officers.

        Clause VI – In order for a player to resign they must speak to the head coach and president of the club explaining their reason for resignation, in which the player will be granted resignation afterwards.

Section 2 – Guest Members of the club such as faculty members, advisors, or alumni will be allowed on the field during practices and prior to games, but only registered players and coaches will be allowed in the dugout and on the field during NCBA sanctioned games. Guests will be allowed to assist during practices and help coach practices, but membership to the club is limited to full-time ASU students only. Coaches of the club team may be non-ASU students or personnel if the club officers feel that a non-player coach is necessary in the future.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1 – The officers of this organization shall consist of three positions that must be held by three separate full-time ASU students at all times. This club must maintain the positions of President, Vice-President and Treasurer. A Secretary position can be added to the club if the three current standing officers deem it necessary. Other officer positions may be added and held if the existing officers deem it necessary.

                    Clause I – The president of the club shall be responsible for scheduling tryouts, practices, games, events and club meetings. They shall be responsible for coaching and managing the team as well as making sure that all players are eligible to play throughout the year. They will also make sure that players abide the rules and regulations of both the NCBA and ASU.  The president shall attend meetings on behalf of the club when a representative of the team is needed. Filling out and submitting paperwork to ASU and the NCBA as well as making payments on-time to both organizations is necessary. Above all, the president must be a leader and an example to players both on and off the field and he must make decisions for the betterment of the team.

                    Clause II – The vice-president shall be responsible for assisting the president at practices, meetings, club events and games. They will be an assistant coach and will fill in as the head coach or president when the president is unable to attend a club function (games, practice, etc.). They will also be a leader and example to others and must attend club officer meetings when needed. The vice-president will also serve as the club’s involvement ambassador. Their responsibility as involvement ambassador will be to serve as the bridge between the university and the baseball team as well as relay information and opportunities to the club members and coordinate any related action items.

                    Clause III – The treasurer shall be responsible for assisting the president and vice-president at practices, meetings, club events and games. They will be an assistant coach and will serve as the head coach or president when both the president and vice-president are unable to attend a club function. They will also be a leader and example to others and must attend officer meetings when required. The treasurer will be in charge of the club’s finances. They will be responsible for collecting and issuing money to and from members as well as keeping a record of the team’s purchases and monetary gains.

                    Clause IV – The secretary (if needed) will be responsible for assisting the three other club officers at practices, meetings, club events and games. The secretary position will only be filled if the three current officers deem it necessary and feel that they need the assistance of another officer position. They will be an assistant coach and will serve as the head coach or president when all three other officers are unable to attend a club function. They will also be a leader and example to others and must attend officer meetings when required.

Section 2 – The qualifications for each officer position shall be the same. In order to hold any officer position within the club, the member must have completed at least one probation-free year of membership within the club. They must also maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher and be enrolled as a full-time ASU student (12+ credit hours).

Section 3 – The term of office shall be the same for each officer position. An officer will hold their position until they graduate, resign, removed or at the end of calendar year a fellow opponent expresses interest in that stated position. In which case the position can be either shared or elections will pursue.  An officer may hold a position in office for a maximum of 4 years and will be released from office following their fourth year. Officers can only be in office for 4 years even if they change position throughout those years, such as moving from vice-president to president.

Section 4 – Clause I – An officer shall be removed from office if they fail to fulfill the duties of their position or break the rules and regulations of either the NCBA or ASU. Any member of the club may initiate removal of an officer, but he first must have 3/4 of the support from the team. The member initiating the removal of an officer must have a private meeting with the president of the club and the officer facing removal and that member must explain his reasoning for officer removal. If the president of the club, after the meeting, feels that there is reasonable cause for removal of the officer, then he will open a vote to the team in which 3/4 must vote in favor of removal. The removed officer will still remain a member of the club and his position will be filled by a new member. If the president is the officer facing removal then the vice-president will sit in on the meeting and act as the president in which he will decide afterwards whether there is reasonable cause for removal.

        Clause II – An appeal may be made by the removed officer if he has reason to believe that the member initiating the removal has lied or provided false information. If so, the president will present the new information to all the club members in which they must re-vote. The removed officer will still need 3/4 of the vote in order to be reinstated to his position.

Article V – Elections

Section 1 – Election of officers shall be held at the end of every spring season provided that there is an officer graduating, resigning, removed or common interest in so position is pursued. The vacant officer position(s) will be voted on by the current members of that club and the new officers will begin their duties after the conclusion of the spring season. Current officers will maintain their position throughout the conclusion of one season and the beginning of another until they are removed, graduated or resign. In order to be eligible for election a member must have a 2.0 GPA or higher, be enrolled as a full-time student and have completed one full probation-free year with the club.

Section 2 – Vacancies in office will be filled at the end of every spring season or shortly following the removal or resignation of an officer. If an officer resigns or is removed mid-season, then a club meeting will be scheduled shortly following the loss of an officer to fill their position. At that meeting players will be nominated for the vacant position(s) and an election will be held. The new officer(s) will be voted on and decided by the end of the meeting. All current members of the club will be eligible to vote, and 85% of the members must be present in order for an election to occur.

Section 3 – The procedures for voting shall be available to all current members of the club. In order for a club election to occur, 85% of the members must be present.  A player must be nominated during an election by at least three members of the club and one of those members must be a current standing officer. After all the nominations are in, then a vote will occur. The vote will be done on a secret ballot, in which the members, including the officers and nominees, will write the name of the person they wish to take office on a slip of paper. The pieces of paper will then be collected and a tallied by the current officers. As the officers tally the votes, they are required to read each vote aloud in order to prevent any counting bias or mistakes. At the end of the tally, the nominee with the most votes wins the election and takes over as an officer.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1 – Clause I – Regular meetings of this club shall be held 4 times a year. They will be held the beginning and end of each season (fall and spring) to inform players about upcoming events, talk about issues and provide the members with club information. Members are required to attend these meetings and may only be absent if an issue arises and the president approves the absence. The club will meet weekly for practices and games during the season as well.

       Clause 2 – Officers/coaches meeting will be held monthly to discuss issues and schedule events.

       Clause III – The president will be in charge of notifying members and officers about upcoming meetings.

Section 2 – Clause I – A quorum shall consist of 85% of voting members to be present at any member meeting. The president or vice-president must be present at any member club meeting. The president and/or the vice-president will bring up issues and allow the members to discuss and vote on them. In order for a new rule to pass, 3/4 of the attending members must vote in favor of the law. After the officers have finished bringing up issues, then the floor will be open to any members who wish to discuss an issue. If the president feels that a vote is necessary, then they can call for a member vote. These votes will be conducted by a raise of hands.

Clause 2 – A quorum shall consist of 100% of officers to be present at any officer meeting in order to make changes and vote. The president will be in charge of bringing up issues to discuss and vote on followed by an open floor for the other officers to bring up any issues about the club. In order for a rule to be passed or changed in these meetings, all of the officers must be in agreement.

Article VII – Advisers

Section 1 – There shall be one faculty/staff adviser who shall be member ex-officio with no voting privileges.

Section 2 – The adviser shall be selected by the president of the club and will remain adviser until they wish to resign from the position or are terminated due to an ability to follow ASU rules and regulations.

Section 3 – The duties of the adviser will be to approve or reject any decisions in which they are needed for. The adviser will be in charge of filling out the Adviser Agreement Letter and overseeing the club to make sure that the organization is representing Arizona State University well. The club expects the adviser to be involved with the organization and be able to provide assistance and advice when needed.

Article VIII – Amendments

Section 1 – This constitution may be amended by a vote of 3/4 of the club members. A member or officer may bring up an amendment to the constitution, in which they are responsible for drafting a written version of the amendment. Once it’s drafted, the club members will vote on it. As long as 3/4 of the members vote in favor of the amendment, then it will be added to the constitution.


First Officer Signature and Title

_____Marcus Bowers____

___President Marcus Bowers____                   7/27/13___

Second Officer Signature and Title

______Timothy Wiley______

___Vice-President Timothy Wiley________7/27/13_____





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